A brief overview of some of the projects that we have completed:




  1. The installation and repairs of bulk pipelines ranging from 1000mm steel pipelines to 300mm GRP pipelines in areas of KZN.
  2. The construction of associated structures, anchor blocks, chambers etc, pertaining to the particular systems.
  3. The installation of valves, Isolation, air release control valve, pipe specials, metering devices etc.
  4. The replacement of damaged and corroded sections of pipe.
  5. Internal repairs to high pressure concrete pipes, Soccoman, Boncrete.
  6. The installation and commissioning of various types of pump and motor set, from the mono series to the high lift multi stage units.
  7. Repairs, maintenance and upgrading of pumping systems.
  8. Repairs to bulk storage facilities, concrete repairs, water proofing, temporary underwater repairs as required.


Ntshoweni : River Crossing

Lady Grey Dam - Reabilitation




  1. The installation and repairs of various types of reticulation pipelines, ranging from HDPE, PVC, Polycop etc.
  2. The construction of chambers, break pressure tanks and storage facilities.
  3. The installation of valves, Isolation, air release control valve, pipe specials, metering devices etc
  4. Upgrading and electrification of pump stations.
  5. Installation of borehole pumps and associated equipment.


Munster - Reticulation Pipe Replacement




  1. The installation and commissioning of rotating equipment, associated vessels and pipework.
  2. Repairs and maintenance to filtering systems, clarifiers and dosing facilities.
  3. Installation of actuated valves and penstocks.
  4. The installation rural purification systems. ie. In line dosing equipment, constant head feeders and reverse osmosis systems.

Umvoti WW Pressure Filters



  1. Construction of concrete slabs, plinths, sumps and trenches for installation of
    pumps, filters, valves and piping.
  2. Construction of chambers, brick and concrete for housing valves, meters and similar.
  3. Construction of reservoirs and tanks.


Swaziland - Matsapha


Lady Grey Dam - Abstraction Piping



  1. We completed several projects on various reticulation schemes, for various District and Local Municipalities, in KZN, with respect to repairs and replacements to piping, valves, pumps, metering equipment etc. Modifications to schemes were performed to improve the supply of water to areas. During the entirety of these projects UFW issues were being addressed and water balancing done until the schemes had acceptable losses.
  2. Similar type of work has also been conducted outside of the borders of South Africa
    E.g. the assessment of water flows in Beira, Nampula and Pemba in Mozambique.
    Installation of temporary metering devices, pump trials and recording and logging of
    flows at all sites. I also did the production flow analyses including:
    The comparison of measured production flows with estimates produced by the Private Operator (PO); Assessment of methodology used by the PO; Recommendations for procedures to be used by the PO & Status reports on existing flow meters.
  3. The upgrade and rehabilitation of the water supply system for the town of Port
    Harcourt, Nigeria, for the River State Government. The job included zoning and mapping of the town's water supply systems. The testing of the systems to determine maximum capabilities, identifying problem areas and providing solutions. It included leak detection, flow and pressure logging, the recording and analysis thereof. Investigation and recording of all information on all schemes and delivering it for updating of GIS.
  4. The above type of work includes the:
    • Reviewing the scheme layout and zoning of areas.
    • Installation of data loggers at strategic places on pipelines recording flows and pressures, analysing data and trending.
    • Inspection of meters checking accuracy, correct sizing and general operation thereof.
    • Installation of portable meters to check on accuracy of permanent meters or to verify flows where necessary.
    • Identify and repair leaks, blocked pipes, air entrapment, burnt and undersized pipes.
    • Check integrity of control devices and replace or repair. E.g. Float level control valves, pump control valves, flow and pressure devices.
    • Identify and report on faulty storage infrastructure. E.g. reservoirs, BPT's etc.
    • Provided a detailed report of findings and repairs with recommendations.


Includes the installation and repairs of plant at various water and sewerage works, the upgrading of control systems, repairs and installations of metering devices and various other daily maintenance tasks.


Onitsha Nigeria - Rehabilitation work


Projects completed

Project Area Project Description Client
Umvoti WW Pressure Filters
Construction and installation of pressure filters, piping, pumps , valves and associated equipment, including civils.
Umgeni water
Zinkwazi RO Plant
Construction of Reverse Osmosis Plant at Zinkwazi. Civil and mechanical works, including piping, valves, pumps, meters and all associated equipment.
JGDM Bulk Water Meters
E Cape
Replacement of old existing bulk water flow meters and installation of new meters, strainers and valves, including construction of meter chambers.
Joe Gqabi District Municipality
Ntshoweni River Crossing
Replace piping across Ntshoweni River bed. Concrete encase new piping.
Umgeni water
Munster Reticulation
Replacement/upgrade of section of reticulation piping in Munster, including replacement of fire hydrants and all domestic offtakes.
Ugu Municipality
Lady Grey Dam
E Cape
Repairs/rehabilitation of abstraction piping, including replacement of draw-off, scour and outlet piping, refurbishment of penstocks, and replacement of floating draw-off and all associated valves.
MSW Consulting
Rehabilitation of Greater Onitsha Water Scheme
Rehabilitation of all water infrastructure in Onitsha, including repair and replacement of bulk and reticulation piping, rehabilitation of water works, reservoirs, boreholes and river abstraction.
Government of Anambra State of Nigeria
Burgersdorp Water Conservation and Demend Management
E Cape
Replacement/upgrade of aging sections of piping in and around Burgersdorp. Monitoring and recording of flows. Minimisation of unaccounted for water and water loss.
Clive Cumming & Associates
Ixopo Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Repairs, rehabilitation and modifications to bulk and reticulation systems in and around Ixopo.
MSW Consulting
Rehabilitation of Water Storage - Saratoga

Replacement of storage tanks, piping and booster pumps at Saratoga Flats
Saratoga Body Corporate
Matsapha Water Works
Construction and installation of raw water pump, sump and all associated piping at Matsapha Water Works

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